About My Floor Cloths

Art belongs everywhere, not just on the walls. All of my floor cloths are hand painted and unique. The Floor cloths are 100% cotton canvas, acrylic paint, and several coats of sealants. These floor cloths will retain their beauty for years to come. Just clean with soap and water.  The sizes of the cloths vary depending on motifs and are either 2’ X 5’ or 3’ X 2’. I recommend securing the floor cloths with double stick carpet tape.

Floor Cloths

Hand Painted floor cloth rugs are “ART FOR YOUR FLOOR” Yes you can walk on them! These beautiful pieces create a unique and stunning look in any room. Made of 100% cotton canvas, acrylic paints and three coats of sealant.  Floor cloths can serve as a vibrant addition to an interior acting as a focal point and conversation piece or an anchor that ties everything together. Floor cloths function extremely well in a diverse setting. In the home use them in the hallway, entranceway, kitchen, under a dining room table, living room, and even a bathroom.


Painted canvas rugs are designed to lay flat on hard, smooth surface wood, tile, cement, and cork floors. We do not recommend laying canvas rugs on top of carpeting as there is little structural support and surface cracking is likely to occur. Also be aware that canvas rugs laid on top of textured flooring will eventually mold to the surface profile and texture will be reflected on the surface of the rug. Because of the nature of its material and construction your canvas may nor lay completely flat at first, please don’t force it. The rug may be cold due to storage and transport and it may be also have been wrapped for a period of time. Give your rug several hours to acclimate to its new environment. It will eventually relax and lay flat by itself. Forcing your rug to lay flat can risk cracking and damaging its finish. I highly recommend a double stick carpet tape be placed on the underside of the floor cloth. These floor cloths will show off their beauty for years to come.


Canvas rugs are extremely durable and versatile. They are renowned for their longevity, with the capacity to last several decades given proper care and maintenance. They are easy to clean, fade resistant, hypoallergenic and pet friendly. Use them in high traffic areas like hallways and entrance areas where they can withstand the abuse. Also use them in kitchens, bathrooms, and eating areas where spills can be easily wiped up. 

Material & Construction

Our primary material is a heavy cotton canvas; the canvas is stretched on a large frame before being painted. The canvas is sealed with a primer. Several layers of paint are used for each design. They are hemmed to give a neatly finished appearance and to prevent the fabric from unraveling. The rug surface is coated with several layers of sealer to protect them from wear and moisture. Each hand painted canvas rug is truly a work of are and no two are identical.


Canvas rugs can be treated and cleaned much like linoleum, wood and floor tiles. Everyday spills can be wiped up with mild soap and water while tougher stains can be removed with a mild abrasive cleaner. Although cleaners that are too gritty should be avoided. Canvas rugs can be vacuumed regularly without any fear of damage. For more thorough cleaning we recommend scrubbing your rug with a soft brush and a combination of white vinegar and warm water. Follow this by applying a thick coat of paste wax and polish with a soft rag to maintain color and durability.