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Textile & Embroidery Fine Art

Inspired by nature’s sublime beauty. I use paint and a needle as a versatile instrument to recreate our natural environment as an embroidery textile or I call “Painted Threads” I am looking to explore the transition from painting to textile with a combination of exposed and overlapping mixed medium. The movement between sewing and painting creates a balance between paint and threads. Landscapes are a constant theme in my work. Photos are the starting point and my sketches.

I include all kinds of hand and machine stitches and often some elements of other fiber techniques such as dyeing, fusing, beading, cut and slashing the fabric. These are my tools to achieve my art.

I studied textile design at RISD. I have worked in pattern design, repeat designs, weaving, screen printing, natural dyeing, printing just to mention a few. My mentors were my teachers, Aunt Nell, my father John H. Housley and step father Donald G. Paulhus 


Floor Cloths

Hand painted floor cloths rug are "Art for Your Floor. Yes you can walk on them! These beautiful pieces create a unique and stunning look in any room. Made of 100% cotton canvas, acrylic paints and three coats of urethane sealant. Floor cloths can serve as a vibrant addition to any interior acting as a focal point, conversation piece, or acting as an anchor that ties everything together. Each floorcloth are completely one of a kind.


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I sell my one of kind textile artwork, floor cloths and wood type collages.

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