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Painted Threads

I like to paint landscapes, first by painting using oil paints. I love the way I can manipulate the paint. I canply many layers of the pigment. Once the paints dry, which can take a while. I then begin to distort and change my paintings. I use mu Juki sewing machine to sew over my painted artwork.I use a free motion stitching technique. Layers and layers of multi color threads are stitched over my paintings. Not all the painting is covered with threads. In fact I enjoy  exposing some of the painted areas.

This creates a high and low areas.

Floor Cloths

Hand painted floor cloths rug are "Art for Your Floor. Yes you can walk on them! These beautiful pieces create a unique and stunning look in any room. Made of 100% cotton canvas, acrylic paints and three coats of urethane sealant. Floor cloths can serve as a vibrant addition to any interior acting as a focal point, conversation piece, or acting as an anchor that ties everything together. 

My Art Work


I sell my one of kind artwork, floor cloths and wood type collages around New England art and craft show and on Etsy.com.

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Suzanne Housley Noonan

(401) 245-2420